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curl-6 said:

Yeah I just feel like that wow factor isn't there with these new consoles.

Back in the 6th gen, Rogue Squadron II blew my mind, it looked like a movie compared to the N64 I had at home.

In the 7th gen, games like Gears of War, Crysis, and Uncharted 2 looked breathtaking, so far beyond PS2, Gamecube or Xbox it was insane.

Even in the 8th gen which for me was a somewhat smaller leap, something like Ryse Son of Rome or Killzone Shadowfall left the best of PS3/360 in the dust, and if you put say Red Dead 1 up against 2, or TLOU 1 against 2, the gap was very substantial.

I'm still waiting to feel anything like that looking at PS5/Xbox Series games so far. Not sure if it's because devs have yet to really unlock the power of these new machines, or if diminishing returns have simply kicked in in a big way, but to date I'm quite underwhelmed.

A big part of it is how long it takes for games with top notch visuals to get made nowadays. Big games that intend to take full advantage of the increased power of the new consoles will have largely tarted development 3-4 years ago so we're only gonna see those games start to come out in bigger numbers within the next few months. GTA 6 which will hopefully release next year should give that wow factor.