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gtotheunit91 said:

I'm just going to assume you've never played a single-player Bethesda game before because literally NO ONE shares this sentiment other than yourself. For those of us who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours in Bethesda games over the years, we know how Fallout 4 didn't look good at all even when it launched whether by graphics, gunplay, animations. Same deal with even Skyrim. Starfield is a night and day difference by a landslide. 

It truly feels like a next-gen version of their engine. Comparatively to Unreal Engine. That's how good it looked. 

The only thing that hasn't made a major improvement is facial animations, but everything else, you can clearly tell is a night/day difference.

I'm gonna be that guy with the hottest take:

I don't think facial animations that aren't tied to a cinematic in modern gaming these days, are all that great, nor accurate to what is being spoken. The majority of AAA's I've seen over the years always have this stiff look to eye movement to mouth movement, and it never truly feels like it's done right. I get that lip syncing and getting the eyes to move about to where or who a character is speaking towards, but man, it's been this long.

Like I get that people like to rag on bethesda's lip syncing/facial animations, but I look back at say, FF XV, and even I see some jank/weird stiffness to character facial expressions, especially when it's in-game based.

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