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Ryuu96 said:

Yeah, Lol.

Using Cyberpunk as a comparison to hold another engine up to is funny, considering how watered down Cyberpunk was on launch compared to what was promised and compared to titles launched a generation before it and on top of that it was incredibly broken almost everywhere. The AI system in Cyberpunk was braindead and it had nowhere near the amount of systems, AI and physical interactions as a Bethesda title.

Could at least use a good competitor like Red Dead Redemption 2 which has an amazing world. As an open world title, Cyberpunk was average on launch, I did actually really enjoy the story though and the gunplay, I also liked the art-style of the world but as an open world title it was average in nearly every aspect from stuff to do, to navigation, to AI, etc. The world whilst looking nice, felt dead.

Cyberpunk's world doesn't come close to a Bethesda world in detail and systems. It's even more funny to criticise Creation Engine 2 whilst praising Cyberpunk 2077's engine when CDPR themselves are ditching RedEngine (Cyberpunk's engine) in favour of Unreal Engine 5 so it can't have been that amazing, Lol.

Like I get why some folks would want to use it for examples, but people like Alex over on DF actually use it for the right type of use, in that he uses the game to show fof examples of Raytracing/path tracing, two aspects which 2077 has nailed down better than say, Dying Light 2.

Outside of that, 2077 is really just a watered down GTA clone, with some in-game cinematics that your camera is tied to and forced to watch, it's nothing new we haven't seen already, let alone via a game engine. 

People like to talk about Ai this or that from an engine perspective, but honestly, not much has really changed. I'm still waiting for Ai to act like they did in FEAR 1-2, but I know full well the devs heavily scripted/tooled those AI to act the way they did (aka: appearing smart and tactical to the player), and these days all we get is AI scripted to either hide behind a wall or something chest high enough to throw slurs at you while you pop their head off with ease.

The funniest thing I've seen in terms of advancements in games, are things like horses pooping in MGS5, or horse nads doing their thing in RDDR2. Then there's Nvidia's sand tech that was used in Conan exiles, and I've still yet to see that used in other games/engines (seriously, dragging a body through the sand for a few miles and seeing the body trail go that far is neat to see).

hell, if we want to talk small for, there's Minecraft and all the mods that have since come about over the years. Seeing people introduce item/block physics, on the Java engine of all things, and modders still manage to get it to work without breaking completely. 

Also, bethesda is just that kind of company where you are far likely to revisit their games over anyone else. I know and still see multiple ppl on my Steam friends list or favourite Streamers that STILL play Skyrim to this day, or Fallout 4. I've yet to see someone play TLOU 1 for the billionth time, or 2077, or Witcher 3 (I see a few, but not many that play it for 5+hrs like Skyrim streamers do). 

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