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sc94597 said:

The discussion was mainly about run-time performance and stability. 

The comment being called out was Kratos where he claimed (based on nothing) that Creation Engine 2 is a minor upgrade to Creation Engine 1 and also criticised the animation (which is a massive step up from Skyrim/Fallout 4 and pretty much everyone agrees there) and the graphics. He didn't actually mention the performance or stability at all (I'm sure he will now, Lol).

If he actually watched the Digital Foundry video he could see for himself how much of a huge step up Starfield is compared to Bethesda's previous titles and how much praise Digital Foundry had for Starfield's overall technology and the implementation of said technology, aside from the facial animations, almost everything is a huge step up from previous Bethesda titles.

And half of the aspect of an engine none of us can even comment on because engines are often upgraded to make them easier for developers to work with and for that, none of us can answer that question because none of us has worked with Creation Engine 2 that I know of, Lol. Kratos is very much, as another user put it, talking out his ass.

He can't even get the name of the main city right, it's New Atlantis and it doesn't only have one type of tree, although it is the primary tree.

It's quite clearly a creative choice, not an engine choice, to have a lot of the same flat tree though, it's a singular city, it'd not going to have 100s of different types of trees growing in the same area, Lol. I can look outside my window now and the vast majority of trees that I see are the same type of tree. You can see them in the concept art too, has nothing to do with the engine, Lol.

Last edited by Ryuu96 - on 20 June 2023