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KratosLives said:
Mnementh said:

If you start from scratch, your product will be more outdated, because implementing all the stuff seen as modern takes time. So I think you wish they switch to another engine like Unreal or id tech. But chances are they would struggle with the big seemless open worlds that Bethesda does since ages ago. I am not convinced at all, that switching the engine solves the performance issues.

They're making minor additions to the already existing engine. Unlike unreal engine with great changes every iteration, 

I'm just going to assume you've never played a single-player Bethesda game before because literally NO ONE shares this sentiment other than yourself. For those of us who have spent hundreds, if not thousands of hours in Bethesda games over the years, we know how Fallout 4 didn't look good at all even when it launched whether by graphics, gunplay, animations. Same deal with even Skyrim. Starfield is a night and day difference by a landslide. 

It truly feels like a next-gen version of their engine. Comparatively to Unreal Engine. That's how good it looked. 

The only thing that hasn't made a major improvement is facial animations, but everything else, you can clearly tell is a night/day difference.

Last edited by G2ThaUNiT - on 20 June 2023