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SvennoJ said:

Since it's also a PC title, I suspect it won't be using all the cpu cores and multi-threading to the best of the Series' abilities. It's much easier to make an engine that works on more hardware configurations by taking a more generic approach. Interestingly the minimum requirements are 6 core processors. Question is will they make full use of them. For example FS2020 is bottle necked by one core doing most of the heavy lifting while the rest are doing far less resulting in overall 50% CPU utilization on a 6 core CPU. Plus Series has a 7th core available for games, but it's hard to offload stuff to another core. Hence it's still often the max speed of a single core that determines how fast an engine can go, not how many cores you have available to do work :/

It's a good sign 6 core CPUs are a minimum requirement now. Will it also use them all is the question. Will it still run on an 4 core i5 or simply refuse to start at all. Or will it combine threads of lower used cores to the same core to still work (defeating the purpose of using 6 cores)

Did you really just assert that the PC is going to hold back the Xbox port?

The amount of cores isn't what is important here, it's total CPU performance.

An engine can have 8 threads, but a quad-core can still out-perform an 8-core CPU if each Quad-Core's individual core is 3x faster in a game that has 8 threads.
Total CPU performance > Number of cores.

Which is why the Ryzen 5600, despite being only a 6-core CPU is roughly equivalent to the 8-cores found in the consoles, each individual core is simply better.

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