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haxxiy said:

I honestly think the deal here is that MS wants graphics to be a selling point of this game and knows it will not look anywhere as nice in 60 fps (maybe it already has issues in 30 fps). And since most people aren't using HDMI 2.1 or 120 Hz displays for VRR at lower framerates, the mode doesn't even exist because MS wants no bitching about stuttering from clueless people enabling it when they shouldn't.

That makes sense. Typically my null hypothesis is that MS would want as many games to support VRR on their platform as possible so that it is a selling point they can use to compete with Sony on when selling the console and engaging players to purchase games on their platform rather than the other, but profits come from game sales and they can get sales from PC players just as easily as from Xbox owners, making feature-based competition at this level less of a priority.