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I think a lot it comes down to context. I remember the PS3 having these 1080p 60fos games like pixel junk. It's 1080p and 60fps but it don't look or play next gen.

The same arguement can be made with 4k or 8k. It isn't the same when you have games like Horizon, Starfield and the like.

This is no longer the 8 bit generation where it is just a matter or pixels going up and colours, there are so many complex technologies at play from HDR, 3D sound, AI, number of NPCs, fast loading, physical destruction, non static objects unlike the Matrix demo etc that 4k alone doesn't eve tell half the story of what makes a game look good.

I'm pretty sure if either one wanted they could make a simple looking game that is 8k or 4k at 60fps but you won't get the beautiful words we see in Ratchet, Horizon, Starfield etc.

Even looking at Hellblade, you can tell the darkness and linear level design had to be used to as something has to give somewhere.

The new Spidey game loads the world super fast, but the end result is the games graphics not being as big as a leap as many suspected.