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Radek said:
Imaginedvl said:

Well yes, 60FPS is better but they just can't. They say that it is not consistent enough so it can go way below 40FPS some time probably.

Also it is better to go 30FPS, most TV are 60FPS, not 120HZ. That's why games are either 30, 60, or 120 (or sometimes 90) 

30FPS is really not a big deal, look at Zelda :) the DEV will enable 60FPS if it would be possible, it is simply not.

Every single game that offers 40 fps mode also offers 30 fps mode for 60 Hz TV (since they are like 95% of all TV's)

Currently Sony is the only publisher that is offering this mode in pretty much every game

To do so they want to lock it, if the game drops below 40FPS they do not want to have a 40FPS mode, it just makes sense...
The reason is probably the same than not offering 60 FPS in the first place...