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Spade said:
shikamaru317 said:

Updating after the Xbox showcase today as well as watching some of Ubisoft's newest AC Mirage videos:

1. Starfield (XSX)

2. Metaphor: ReFantazio (XSX)

3. Assassin's Creed Mirage (XSX)

4. Clockwork Revolution (XSX)

5. Star Wars Outlaws (XSX)

Damn F in the chat for Avowed and Fable.  

It's not that I lost all hype for them or anything like that, they just fell out of my top 5 based on everything that was shown today.

I was a bit let down by Avowed's artstyle change since it's reveal trailer as well as the actual technical graphics, which I will admit knocked it down a few spots for me (going by the comments on the trailer, others were also disappointed by the artstyle change and graphics). As of now I'd say Avowed is probably my 6th place game, meaning it will definitely re-enter my top 5 once Starfield releases in September.

As for Fable, I got the impression that it might not even release in 2024 based on the lack of a 2024 date in the trailer, which hurts it on my hype scale for sure, hard to be hyped for something that might not release until 2 years from now. I was also a tad let down by the artstyle change there, the environment graphics look fabulous, couldn't be happier with them, but Fable characters were always exaggerated and a bit cartoony, and well, Playground's Fable seems to be going for a more realistic design for characters (alot of people were letdown by the artstyle change here based on the comments I'm seeing on the trailer). So the art change and the likely delay to 2025 are responsible for Fable being downgraded out of my top 5 here. Like Avowed, it will definitely re-enter my top 5 closer to release. Probably after AC Mirage releases in October, unless something else super hypeworthy is announced before then.

Curiously, Clockwork Revolution had actual gameplay footage on showcase, even though there was no set date (only what was basically a "ready when it's ready"), but the fact it had gameplay ready makes me think it may actually release before Fable, which I never would have expected a few years back. Fable's development sure has been slow, in development since 2017 and might not release until 2025 now.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 11 June 2023