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twintail said:

Anyways, Sony have already said that they're looking for 2 big games for each year, so they'll def have something for 2024. But, Helldivers 2 finally being announced was great.

bartkuz said:

So 1 game per generation for one studio at this tempo. Great!

I feel like it's important to contextualize a few parts of that:

They specifically say "major" games. So that might bolster the numbers. They might not consider some of the Sony published games as major like Stellar Blade. They might not consider Team Asobi's game to be major or something.

They specifically place it as a baseline, two or more. 

There are some other Sony published titles that are supposed to be coming in the next like 12 months like Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin, Convallaria that weren't at the showcase, and it's kind of odd. 

Sony overall seems to be having a strategy of announcing games closer, while announcing really big titles a year or two in advance. The only exception to that has been Wolverine really.