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Shinobi-san said:
Qwark said:

Either PlayStation isn't big on announcing games far in advance or many games are stuck in dev hell. Seems like Insomniac, Santa Monica, Guerilla, Bluepoint and Housemarque are the only functional studios that will produce more than one single game it seems.

Agree with this sentiment.

I really hope its a case of trying to focus on what's coming in the short time. However this is problematic in that many games have already been revealed, that you would think should now have more gameplay to show and/or release dates. Such as Stellar Blade, Rise of the Ronin and a few others.

Insomniac is really carrying PS Studios at the moment and to think that not very long ago they were a 2nd party studio. I would have expected to see updates from Naughty Dog, Bluepoint, Team Asobi, Bend Studios, Sucker Punch and some 3rd party exclusives. All the info we get about what PS Studios are working on is based entirely on rumours which should not be the case.

At this rate we are more likely to get a Wolverine gameplay reveal than updates from any of the other studios. Studios that have not released anything major in the last 3 years really should have been present at this one.

This conference wreaks of arrogance unfortunately.

I think this overly negative for no particular reason.

A lot of what was shown is coming 2023, and with Sony being very willing to use SoPs at random times in the month, there's ample opportunity to focus on both announced and unannounced games. Sure, i agree that the lack of any updates on Steller Blade, Convorallia and Firewall Ultra is strange, but at the same time they're most likely finishing up development with 1 last trailer (their launch trailers) being the only thing to take time away from said development.

At the end of the day, Sony doesn't need their Showcase' to announce new PS Studio titles: they can do that very easily with SoPs. If anything, taking into account the number of major AAA 3rd party titles at the show, Sony were most likely bound by marketing contracts to start having avenues to advertise these games. A 'showcase' just allowed their partners to get a lot of eyes on their announcements, which is a win-win for all parties involved.

There's really nothing to be worried about.