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LurkerJ said:

No amount of trailers would've convinced me that Fortnite was going to be huge. 

Upon initial release, it wasn't. Took copying an already proven formula and making it accessible for a wider audience to succeed.

Maybe many of these title might be the next big thing but people's time when playing service games is limited. From the sound of a lot of what these games are, they are all already proven formulas but more modern.

Ignoring it's not Sony, the Foamstars game is actually something I'm surprised someone hasn't done before, as in a already proven but owned by Nintendo game but for other consoles. I'm impressed for SquEnix to do that as there is an audience on PC, PS and Xbox that don't have access to that style of game.

Last edited by The Fury - on 25 May 2023

Hmm, pie.