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Blood_Tears said:

Yeah I am of the same mindset on this one with a 6/10. It definitely could have been better from a 1st party standpoint. Where's Bends game? Bluepoints game they were teasing, no Factions, no Stellar Blade and Cory’s new IP was a no show as well. Maybe they are staggering announcements between this and Summer Game fest so who knows. There was quite a bit of content there but it needed more 1st party stuff.

Also, I will say from a 3rd party standpoint that Sony knocked it out of the park. I know some people are gloating over a lot of games being multiplat and all but this was a killer marketing strategy going into the fall and next year. If a game is multiplat, people on other platforms still have to buy it!

As we have seen before with the likes of Hogwarts and such, it's all about having the marketing associated with that game. That's how Sony staves off Gamepass this holiday season. With the likelihood that they have the marketing for AC Mirage, Alan Wake 2 and even Dragons Dogma 2 and MGS3 later when it releases than that means the biggest game releases won't be on Gamepass this year. Add in Baldur’s Gate 3, Spiderman 2 and even CoD marketing this year and it’s smooth sailing for Sony. So this showcase for me just felt like a defensive maneuver against Gamepass at least from a 3rd party point of view.

I think this could be the case, as well as having some content for a SOP, or even TGA.