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DroidKnight said:
SKMBlake said:

It's doing slighlty better than the Xbox One (less than 1 million) and sales are already in decline, but you still expect it to sell 10+ million more than the Xbox One, I really don't see how.

I'm expecting a strong lifetime as well.  The generation got off to a slow start and is going to be a longer one this time.  Xbox Series X stock has been non-existent for quite some time and it looks like that is finally going to improve.  Many big games still have yet to release and many of them are system sellers.  

It's a bit too early in its life cycle to give up on it. 

I mean we saw the "big games", Hi-Fi Rush and Minecraft Legends didn't have a real impact on console sales, Redfall really low reception probably won't help either in May.

The console is down 650k YoY and nothing really seems to be able to reverse the lack of momentum before September (maybe the Diablo IV bundle).

And MS already expects the new generation to launch in 2028. Will they be able to sell 45 million more consoles in the next 5 years ? Really doubt it.