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zeldaring said:

I really don't care about the size of the world. None of the fans of the series actually asked for a bigger world. we mainly wanted more dungeons, better performance and  graphics, a Much more refined UI. weapons that don't break for many, and for me especially new combat system because this one feels really dated now imo. I mean i guess that's impressive if you wanna mainly focus on the loadt imes  draw distance but thats the only improvements really on something that came on wiiu 6 years ago.  

Right now you are complaining about gameplay aspects, not technical aspects. The comment that I originally responded to focused on your opinion of a lack of technical improvements from BotW to TotK. I'm saying there are technical improvements. Regardless of whether you wanted a bigger world or not, that's what TotK has. You cannot judge it's technical performance without considering the size and scope of the world in comparison to it's predecessor. 

That's not even considering the multitude of other technical aspects of the game, particularly the physics, which have been tweaked and expanded upon substantially. In BotW each item had it's own density, and moved based on it's form. In TotK each item still has that, and items can now be combined, so Nintendo had to account for how items might move when combined, what their density will be when combined, etc. Take shield surfing for example. You can easily surf on your shield, but if you combine your shield with, say, a rock you'll instantly fall off of the shield when trying to surf. But if you combine your shield with something that is flat and smooth, you can still shield surf and the surfing will be better or worse based on the traction you might have. That stuff isn't simple, and it takes a lot of playtesting to ensure that you aren't completely breaking the game in some way. 

If you don't like the gameplay, that's fine. But that's a separate discussion from whether TotK is more technically impressive than BotW on Switch. Which it absolutely is.