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VAMatt said:

The amount of whining about the way that I expressed my opinion in the OP is far more ridiculous than anything I said there.  It appears to me that many commenters have (some likely deliberately) misunderstood it, so as to not have to take my criticisms seriously.  I clearly said "reminds me of" not "this game could be on PS2", and I was very clearly only talking about a few elements.  

I have not engaged in most of that side of the discussion because it's not necessary for me to back up my opinions of what something reminds me of. It is literally impossible for me to be wrong about what I think about something.  I'm not sure how to provide evidence for what I'm reminded of when playing a game. 

Further, this idea that I'm way out in left field is ridiculous, as evidenced by the fact that at least a third of the people commenting in this thread are largely in agreement with me, and a good deal more are partially there.  

Some people feel differently. That's fine. This has been a mostly good discussion (which was my goal), aside from some people crying because I dared say anything even remotely critical of their beloved video game.  I even said, multiple times now, that I like the game.  I opened the OP with that, as a matter of fact.  But, some people, especially on the internet in forums like this, are incapable of engaging in mature discussion.  It is what it is.  

People aren't whining, they're exposing you for what your OP was, and that is trying to bring down a game that is excellent, by comparing to something very low.

We have been very polite so far, because much worse can be said about your very bad approach to this and now your bashing the community in this thread.

When you do this, you lose credibility and people care less about the things you say, because you are not speaking logically but from bias. It is very similar to what happened with David Jaffe, and then makes people feel bad for reacting against his posts. But he was bashing the game with very little substance to back him, and people called him out, as he deserved.

You can criticize the game, just don't shit on it to get some clicks.