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zeldaring said:

Just replying back to a a few people that mentioned me. Someone said there some improvement but there are also downgrades like when you move the camera resolution takes a hit over all and frame rate worse overall its hardly anything that's worth talking about

As for DF saying this is impressive its not. This engine was for the wiiu and that's something most people forgot if this was built for the switch ground up this would probably look and run much better.

Resolution was dynamic in BOTW as well, and perceptual image quality is overall sharper because of the addition of FSR which wasn't there in the prior game. BOTW dropped frames in complex areas too, so its not surprising this happens in TOTK with the added burden of Ultrahand physics.

It is indeed possible that without BOTW's Wii U roots some of its graphical makeup might be better, but it's also worth remembering that BOTW on Wii U ran at a significantly worse framerate than on Switch, and at a dynamic 720p, so the additional power of Switch is still being utilized.