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SvennoJ said:
curl-6 said:

There is some improvement over BOTW.

Tears has sharper image quality, draw distance has been improved, and the addition of Ultrahand and with it the ability to assemble physics-driven contraptions anywhere in the game brings with it significant extra performance overhead, yet with these additions it still it runs just as well if not a little bit better than BOTW did.

I would gladly take shorter draw distance and some pop in for sharper visuals on tv. And a way to dial up the in game contrast. The game is fun, but not being able to see well what's going on while playing during the day sucks.

They did step up sharpness over BOTW by adding FSR.

Visibility hasn't been a problem for me personally; the game can sometimes have a hazy look but never to a detrimental extent. Sure it's not your TV settings?