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VAMatt said:
curl-6 said:

There is some improvement over BOTW.

Tears has sharper image quality, draw distance has been improved, and the addition of Ultrahand and with it the ability to assemble physics-driven contraptions anywhere in the game brings with it significant extra performance overhead, yet with these additions it still it runs just as well if not a little bit better than BOTW did.

I think one issue that makes the graphics feel a little soft and squishy is the lack of contrast in some areas, and the large amount of fog.  Frankly, I find myself often wondering why the developers have chosen to make things feel washed out much of the time.  

That said, these things don't seem to be as big of a factor when playing handheld. It's when I'm playing on a large, bright TV that I notice it the most. And I guess that just kind of reinforces what you and others have said here, that Switch is really a handheld. I mostly play it docked though, so I think it subconsciously gets compared to consoles in my mind. The fact that I can play it on my TV does not make it a home console though.  

I play my Switch in docked mode primarily as well, in fact mine basically never leaves the dock. But yeah the reality is that in order to work in portable mode, the chipset inside must necessarily be mobile, which puts hard limits on performance.