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The Fury said:

I have no reason to return to the game now I guess. Stick to Apex for me F2P casual game.

Blizzard really are a shadow of their former self. I fear what monetisation is in Diablo 4 and this is just icing on an already laughable 'update' to Overwatch.

I'm still sitting here, hating the fact that Blizz don't care about HotS, despite the community still playing it daily for both PVP and Vs AI. I hate that 2-3yrs ago, their earning's calls stopped talking about SC2, and some even saying there that "RTS is dead". Hearthstone kinda does some stuff these days, but nowhere near as much as they used to years ago.

Warcraft reforged was obviously a giant mess for them, one they still haven't fully fixed and now also pretend it doesn't exist either (I also lost my god damn digital keys of WCIII/FF expac that I paid for years ago, so they ask me to buy WC3R instead, lolno).

While Dragonflight is a good expansion compared to the last 2, I feel like all Blizz have left to bank on, are WoW, Diablo 4 and it's battlepass/MT cosmetic "shop", and Overwatch 3 skins, like even in WoW's current iteration, they have a trading post where you get some in-game currency to buy some cosmetics from the post each week, and just recently they pulled the shittiest move by taking out an armor set and selling it on the Battlenet store for nearly £10 for a "limited time" (inducing Fomo, while the small print claims it'll come back to the trading post months later).

Blizz are absolutely a shadow of their former selves, and it's so depressing to see how low they've sunk. They used to do quality games, beefy expansions, but now it's all always online based, cosmetic, battle pass and "shop" based transactions, with content either incomplete, removed, buggy or torn apart to sell to you later on.

I too was expecting OW2 PVE content, which is why I primarily had OW2 installed. I have no desire to do OW2 PVP, since OW1 PVP was meta driven and toxic to play, so now that there's no longer any PVE content (meaningful and chunky content btw, not a tiny mode like Junkrats revenge, which is a small event) content, I may as well uninstall the game and never bother with it again, because I know what Blizz was like with Warcraft 3 Reforged. They do not keep their promises.

Last edited by Chazore - on 19 May 2023

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