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Pemalite said:

No. There is literally no evidence to suggest that.

We have no evidence their next console is another traditonal console either.


Pemalite said:


The Nintendo 64 failed to set the world on fire... And the Gamecube (Sega's Dreamcast Competitor) hadn't even launched when Sega dropped out of the console hardware market.

Sega LITERALLY only had SONY as competition.

Have you even been reading the posts?

False, Nintendo was still in the market basically taking whatever leftovers were left that didn't jump on the PS bandwagon, meaning the industry was spread too thin for the 3rd company to stay relevant. Sega could not compete with the Deals Sony were making and even Nintendo struggled to compete at the time. One had to go.


Pemalite said:

1) Discord has provided Steam competition and Steam has started to adopt Discord-like social features.

2) Valve adjusted it's revenue splits, giving more cash back to developers thanks to Epic stores favoured splits providing heat.

3) Epic Game Stores game review system is superior and Valve is working on it's own system to better it.

4) Steam big Picture mode was thanks to competition from other clients like Pegasus, Gamehub and more, to enable a UI for games with controllers/TV's.

I can keep going on, but you get the gist.

Right now competitions MAIN benefit is more revenue for developers. (Thanks Epic Game Store!)

...And that alone means you are flat-out wrong on this point.

1) Discord is not a direct competitor to Steam, they aren't even the same thing. Also there is nothing wrong with companies taking ideas and improving upon themselves.

2) Who cares about revenue splits? Customers? No. What customers care for is a valued and safe eco-system. I can argue that by Valve taking in less money means less returned investment back into Steam. So no. Revenue splits only benefit one side, does not benefit everyone.

3) Literally very little care.

4) Very little use it. 

These added features mean little and wont be missed or are changing the industry. SO no, i wont thank EGS for trying to divide my PC library, removing games from the Steam store to sell on their own trash heap unfinished App.


Pemalite said:

Sony and Nintendo are independent and may refuse to agree, or may even agree to agree.

To blatantly assert that if Sony will reject something that will mean that Nintendo will accept something... Is blatantly false.

This is just your own hypothesis and not based on what these companies will do.

Thats up to the companies to make deals to suit. At the end of the day, MS have bangers that i no doubt would say Sony and Nintendo want. Its a safe assumption.


Pemalite said:

Technically you can stream gamepass games to a Windows 98 PC if you can get a modern browser environment via a hacked kernel.

But you are ignoring the part that games that are streamed have to be ported to the servers hardware, are you even reading my posts?

So be it, you dont think a Trillion dollar company is capable? 


Pemalite said:

Valve has allowed people to modify the Steamdecks software and hardware environment to any extent they desire.

Gamepass is not a native Steamdeck App.

And they have nothing against those installing Windows and using GP on their own Hardware.


Pemalite said:

That is the general goal. - But isn't their userbase growth starting to slow? They need more consoles to sell more subscriptions.

Until they start releasing new games, its a no brainer its slowed down.