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Azzanation said:

I disagree. Plus I am not saying have zero competition I have been saying 2 is enough in the console space. If Sony want to screw over people than people will flock to Nintendo, if Nintendo screw over their fans, they will flock to PS.

Due to the extremely different hardware specs between Switch & PS5, they aren't interchangeble either for developers or for customers.

Example: Steam is free, and with competition could be the reason Steam starts charging their customers. People are blinded in thinking competition is only a good thing. Its not.

It would make much more sense if Steam would start charging their customers without competition.

Competition has worsened the industry. Why do you think you are paying for online? It was due to competition. 

No it wasn't! It was/is due to the lack of competition within these closed platforms. Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo aren't allowing other stores or online services on their console platforms which could offer better conditions.

Your points are laughably bad.

Now you are projecting.