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VAMatt said:

I have a little time into Tears of the Kingdom at this point. I like the gameplay a lot. However, in many respects, it looks two or three generations old.  The way foliage moves reminds me of the PS2, OG Xbox days.  Link's hair looks like crap. The graphics in general feel like a quality indie game from 10-15 years ago.  

Come on this is absurd hyperbole. Go back and actually play a game from 10-15 years ago, they don't hold up as well as you remember.

VAMatt said:

Yeah, that's all true.  I believe they are further behind tech-wise right now than they ever have been though.  This is the first time that I've ever really felt like it was a problem. But, if they're going to stay two generations behind everybody else, I imagine it won't be the last. 

They're not two generations behind. That would be PS3/360. Switch is significantly above those systems in terms of graphical capabilities.