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farlaff said:
shikamaru317 said:

It's definitely possible to have the Switch 2 dock grant a bigger boost in performance than the Switch 1 dock. Method 1 would be to put a substantially more powerful chipset into the Switch 2 itself, but have it run severely underclocked in handheld mode to save on battery life, but then when docked and hooked up to a permanent power source, fully open up the taps on the handheld chipset and maybe build some extra fans into the dock for better cooling. Method 2 would be to put a secondary chipset into the dock itself, which can work in conjunction with the handheld Switch chipset when the handheld is docked, this is something that Nintendo has patented, but getting 2 different chipsets to run in conjunction with one another can complicate development alot (just look at Sega Saturn), so I'm not sure if Nintendo would actually go that route instead of method 1.

Method 1 is very similar to what they kinda do nowadays anyway, right?

Yes, though they can go even further than they did on Switch 1. Switch 1 docked is only about double the handheld specs. They could in theory go with an even more expensive and powerful chipset, something like 4.5 tflops (about Xbox Series S tier) when docked but only like 1.5 tflops (about SteamDeck tier) in handheld mode. They just have to be willing to pay for a chipset that powerful and design a good docked cooling solution to make sure it doesn't overheat, some extra fans on the dock itself that feed cool air into the handheld air intake should do it.