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Not unpractical per se, but costly. We're talking two sets of hardware for a single system (if external GPU is what you have in mind). Plus, if Nintendo sticks to current form factor, the biggest bottleneck will remain a CPU, which can be installed only on a console itself and can't be downclocked too much (if at all) to maintain seamless integrity between docked and undocked gameplay. With adequate cooling (boosted by the new dock perhaps), they could push even more power through existing GPU, so as it stands right now, that's the only viable/cost effective way of adding extra "juice".

Edit: if the current form factor is here to stay, and Nintendo continues to work with nVidia, the way I see it, at best we're getting Orin equivalent SoC (based on Ampere architecture, around 4x boost in performance), better cooling solution (also from the dock) and then Nintendo will be able to milk the living crap out of nVidia's upscaling tech.

Last edited by Kristof81 - on 02 May 2023