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Mar1217 said:
HigHurtenflurst said:

Mario Kart was the top game for both WiiU & 3DS
2nd place on Wii behind Wii Sports (which was force bundled for years)
3rd on DS behind NSMB & the combined Nintendogs SKUs
4th on GBA behind 3 iterations of Pokemon
2nd on GC very close behind SSBM
2nd on N64 behind SM64

These were all brand new games however. MK8 DX was simply seen a remaster back then. They changed a few gameplay aspects and remade the battle mode but nobody thought of it as a new game. 

But admittedly it just is one of the most fun and accessible type of game on the system

True, I guess when it came out people may have thought it was a stop-gap port expecting them to make a new MK for Switch. (though no system before Switch had 2 MK games)

Ultimately I guess they did with home circuit, but the mixed reality thing is still a bit niche.