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The Fury said:

I expected it to go through but earlier in the year (or late last) an Activision spokesperson said something that sounded basically like an ultimatum, as in approve it and we'll invest in the UK, don't and we won't.

"The CMA's report contradicts the ambitions of the UK to become an attractive country to build technology businesses. We will work aggressively with Microsoft to reverse this on appeal.

"The report's conclusions are a disservice to UK citizens, who face increasingly dire economic prospects. We will reassess our growth plans for the UK. Global innovators large and small will take note that - despite all its rhetoric - the UK is clearly closed for business."

Sorry but Activision can bugger off. First, the CMA has nothing to do with the UK governmental policy on business development in the UK, their job isn't that, but Activision maybe should take note that in the recent budget, UK government were increasing tax breaks for games development, to become an attractive country to build technology businesses, in this case specifically games development. At least MS has the decency to seemingly address the concerns and not just cry.

Crying because you didn't get your pay day.

Ikr? Megacoporations concerned for the regular people well-being. How about you close that Puerto Rico subsidiary through which you avoided paying taxes on 40 billion dollars and stop lobbying to defund the IRS and answer to them the way regular people do. Just pay your taxes like we do and then pretend to show concern.