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VAMatt said:
coolbeans said:

But do you think what you're describing is fitting for one individual game site to provide (i.e. a non-aggregate hub).  Because I think it'd get confusing to see a laissez-faire approach to reviewing where 4 different VGChartz writers could have wildly disparate opinions on the same game.  You could say IGN does that now, but I think delineating between nationalities (IGN, IGN Italy, etc.) is a different case that hardly any other site can financially achieve.

Yes. I think it's totally fine for one site to provide multiple perspectives.  Reviews are written, in most cases, but individual reviewers.  I don't see how it would get confusing to have multiple reviewers at the same site reviewing something. It's no different than if they were writing for different platforms. 

Gotcha.  Don't think I can agree to that extent, but I appreciate you laying it out.