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coolbeans said:
VAMatt said:

I think multiple reviews are good because different gamers have different perspectives. And different tastes. And different experiences. And different skill levels. All of those things influence ones opinion of a game that they're playing. So the more perspectives that I can see about a game that I am considering, the better I will likely be able to understand it and determine whether it will likely appeal to me.

But do you think what you're describing is fitting for one individual game site to provide (i.e. a non-aggregate hub).  Because I think it'd get confusing to see a laissez-faire approach to reviewing where 4 different VGChartz writers could have wildly disparate opinions on the same game.  You could say IGN does that now, but I think delineating between nationalities (IGN, IGN Italy, etc.) is a different case that hardly any other site can financially achieve.

Yes. I think it's totally fine for one site to provide multiple perspectives.  Reviews are written, in most cases, by individual reviewers.  I don't see how it would get confusing to have multiple reviewers at the same site reviewing something. It's no different than if they were writing for different platforms. 

Last edited by VAMatt - on 26 April 2023