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I am shocked by the CMA decision. I believe it's the right decision but I don't think it will last, MS has too much power to let this one go. Not to mention, Xbox is their last consumer facing brand, the tiktoc generation does everything possible to avoid computing on anything that isn't their smartphone, in other words, Windows and MS dominance will continue to be relegated to the enterprise sector if MS doesn't secure the Xbox brand and the inevitable Xbox store on iOS/Android, this deal must pass. 

As for the MS "deals" with gaming cloud providers, I am glad the CMA has more insight on the matter than your average gaming forum goers we have here. 10 year COD deals are meaningless and frankly insulting, because it means every other game from Bethesda and ABK won't necessarily make it to other platforms and competition will still be suppressed by MS undeniable (bought) advantages. It's especially insulting giving the fact that streaming games over the cloud doesn't involve "proper" porting, i.e., it isn't resource intensive at all to sign the same deal for all Bethesda/ABK games.