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DonFerrari said:
Machiavellian said:

I have no clue what you are stating here. This goes against any real arguments and does not refute anything I stated.

Why would MS restrict the availability of the games on PC to not play on SteamDeck and other portable PC rigs currently available? From what I know being steamdeck certified or not just means it was tested and worked as intended on it, but a games doesn't need a certification to run on it.

Still do not get your point.  What restriction is MS doing.  The SteamDeck is not MS product.  You can still put GP on it so not sure where is this restriction you talking about.  MS gets nothing from SteamDeck besides someone who already has GP using it on that device.  MS gets whatever they charge to put games on their console, including GP as well as MS store purchase.  You know the same MS store where they sell games from within the Console.  Also, just because MS has their own mobile console doesn't mean they would not love for other OEM to sell Windows Handhelds like Asus AOG.  I never made any claim that MS would stop other OEM from creating their own mobile device and MS creating their own mobile device doesn't mean they would restrict other OEM from doing the same.  It would be no different then MS selling their own PC and surface laptops/Tablet.