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PS5 sales increasing slightly again. Never would have predicted this after RE4 week disappointed. What explanation is there for this other than their not being stock for Week 13/14? I see some say here and on other sites that there were no stock issues in Japan but I don't see another explanation for RE4 launch not increasing sales and then randomly they get a sizeable rebound afterwards.

Week 11 - 64,869
Week 12 - 40,411
Week 13 - 38,964 (RE4 Launch)
Week 14 - 34,677
Week 15 - 46,205
Week 16 - 47,040 

Seems to me like the PS5 may have had problems with stock starting week 12 when it had a big drop of over 30%, and then no boost for RE4 the week after. But If anyone has other ideas about how this might not be a stock issue as people claim I would like to hear them.

Switch sales are the lowest week this year but YoY wise they are better than this year so far, only a 20% drop, so a pretty decent result.

This is Xbox Series worst week since January 2022.

PS5 has now passed the lifetime sales of the WiiU and should pass Gamecubes final total by the end of the year.

Last edited by Zippy6 - on 20 April 2023