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Europe Q1 Sales

PS5 (Q1 2023) = 1494k
PS4 (Q1 2016) = 1166k
PS3 (Q1 2009) = 639k

Xbox 360 (Q1 2008) = 622k
Xbox Series (Q1 2023) = 355k
Xbox One (Q1 2016) = 343k

DS (Q1 2009) = 1848k
DS (Q1 2010) = 1318k
Switch (Q1 2023) = 800k
Wii (Q1 2011) = 763k
Wii (Q1 2012) = 521k
3DS (Q1 2017) = 370k

Looking at the equivalent quarters for each console. Didn't know whether to include the year before or after for DS/Wii due to launching at a different time of year than Switch/3DS so included both.

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