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trunkswd said:
Zippy6 said:

Not sure whether the 400% Benji says for PS5 is correct or not.

The article says "PS5 sales are up by five times." which I would take to mean +500%, as up one time would be +100% not +0%? If it said "PS5 sales are up to five times" that would be +400%.

So not sure which is correct here but it reads as +500% to me.

400% is the same as 5 times. I know it is confusing.

Yeah I get that, 5 times sales = 400% increase. But I would view "up by five times" to actually mean it's six times sales. It's not one times, it's up five times, so six times. Just as 1 up by 5 would mean 6, and it would need to be up to 5 to mean 5. The wording is a bit weird to me. But I'll take it they actually mean 400% for now.