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gtotheunit91 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Dang, we mostly way overpredicted on Minecraft Legends, certainly looked like better than a 72 game on the February digital showcase.

After the recent Redfall framerate controversy, I'm going to lower my prediction back down to 80, it's going to get dunked on by critics who care about technical performance, that will likely take at least 4 or 5 points off of it's overall score.

To me, bad technical performance is issues with bugs, crashes, and things of that nature. Even if it's 30fps at launch, as long as it's a stable 30fps with no bugs/crashes, and then most importantly, the game turns out to be ACTUALLY good, it shouldn't dock too many points, if any since reviewers still go over the 30fps option that games have available. 

So as long as Redfall is good at launch, I think it'll be mid-80s. Pretty much all Arkane games review incredibly well, they just don't sell well, and because of the marketing and PR blunders this game has had, it'll most likely be another Arkane title that delivers but underwhelms in sales. 

I hope you are right, but I was remembering the last game to be limited to 30 fps on consoles, Gotham Knights, and I went back and looked at it's reviews, and many of it's lowest reviews specifically cite the low framerate as one of the issues that deducted points from their scores. Admittedly Gotham Knights had some drops even below 30 fps, while Redfall will presumably be locked 30 fps on quality mode, but I definitely see technically oriented critics deducting points for having 30 fps only on release.