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You can't ask for better box office opening numbers than the Mario movie just attained. Super impressive, I expected the Mario movie to bring in big numbers since Mario is one of the most iconic characters/franchise of all time and its the first time we're seeing that character have a deeper story which would get many people interested,but I definitely didn't expect it to do this well.

I think a sequel has to be a given at this point, it'll be absurd not to capitalize on the biggest box office opening in history. In terms of a Nintendo cinematic universe, I dont see what's stopping Nintendo from doing that. People might be skeptical if people may be interested in the sequels or if the quality standards will still be high in future films, but it's inevitable imo that future Mario movies will still be extremely successful just like how we saw in the sonic movie sequel, and the critic reviews won't prevent it from reaching high levels of success. I'd love to see a Metroid movie with a deeper story, Zelda and Smash Bros movie would be amazing too.

I wonder how the success of this movie will affect Switch sales or game sales. I have a feeling Mario game sales will spike up significantly after this movie and maybe even Switch sales too, but I have a feeling that most people who were interested in this movie likely already own a Switch so the hardware sales spike won't be as high, but there were also many more casual families I assume who also attended this movie who may gain an interest in Nintendo again to buy a Switch, we'll just have to wait and see.

Im glad to see Nintendo expanding as much as they are, First we've seen Nintendo expanding to theme parks with Super Nintendo world and it was packed when I attended the one in Hollywood, generating a ton of interest, and now we have the Mario movie breaking box office records. It's good to see after 40+ years Nintendo is branching their IP outside of video games and may become a bigger media conglomerate in the future, their IPs are far too amazing to only stick to video games.