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Mar1217 said:

Gonna see it tomorrow and well after seeing some of the stuff said.
It'll prolly land in the "I got what I expected from it".
Like a decent kids flick that does not want you to actually truly get a deep experience on an emotional level aside from the fan service stuff + all the things Illumination brand is known for (kinda bland comedy), rather boring pop musical choices.

But hey, if the visual side of the movies is as good as said. I might get some good vistas out of it.

As for its early success. I won't jump the gun and Nintendo prolly won't as well. I'm expecting them to go quite slowly with the process of doing movies in actuality and I doubt their end goal would be to simply do a Smash movie.

Not only that, but keeping certain franchises to the Universal realm would waste some of their franchise potential. Zelda should be something reserved for a studio like Ghibli or a live-action studio that is willing to respect the franchise in due form.
Same for Metroid.

Anywoo, not everything from Nintendo needs to become a movie btw

A Metroid movie from Illumination would be a disaster. Illumination has yet to prove they can do a movie with such a grim and often nightmarish atmosphere.