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Universal will probably buy the rights to all Nintendo IP. Nintendo likes working with them and Chris Meledandri (sp?) is on the Nintendo board of directors.

A Zelda movie could use the art style that the new Puss in Boots film did which was done by Dreamworks, which is owned by (you guessed it) Universal Studios.

So that could work if they want to do an animated Zelda.

Most likely actually "Nintendo Pictures" is likely to become its own division at Universal that has its own story group which is overseen by Miyamoto and Meledandri seperate from even Illumination.

Because I don't think Illumination is going to be able to work on Mario + Donkey Kong + Zelda + Smash movies or however many Universal is going to want to make (which will be a lot) but also be able to work on Minions/Despicable Me/Sing!/Secret Life of Pets/etc.

Nintendo will need its own division.

Studio Ghibli and stuff isn't gonna happen. Nintendo is in the big boys club and they're going to want mass market product for the global market, Ghibli type animation doesn't have the same appeal globally (sadly). A Dreamworks Zelda movie like the last Puss in Boots? That could happen but even there I think Nintendo may choose to play it super safe and make a "standard CG" animation style. 

Last edited by Soundwave - on 08 April 2023