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JRPGfan said:
BraLoD said:

Playes 15 hours of it (1 being in queue tho) between saturday afternoon and sunday night.
Reached the max level and enjoyed a lot of what the game seems to have to offer.
Still miss being able to distribute my level up points to where I want like before, but aside from that there is hardly anything to complain (maybe that skill tree system).
Diablo 3 was one of my most played games ever, even being the least favorite, so yeah, 4 looks like will be pretty worthy it too.
Was not really planning to get it on release, still want to wait a bit for a good discount, but who knows, I'm not sure anymore xD

I played 1 and 2, forever.
The 3rd installment I dropped within 2-3 months.

Yes D4, looks much improved (watched alot of streams of it, and a few videos).
You can tell they took abit of inspiration from Path of exile.
And even though its not nearly as complex, the fact that they moved in that direction alone is a big stepup from D3.
(heck even the skill-tree, that allows for "builds", instead of just hot-swappable buttons like in D3).

Diablo needs build diversity, its kinda the lifeblood of these types of games (imo).
Its what I enjoy most about PoE as well.
The "theres no right way", go about makeing your own character however you want.
You need "room" to be able to do so in the game systems (something D3 lacked).

D3 builds are more dependent on Set items. Each class has 5 sets that drastically change how you play because they lock you in using a few skills that become insanely strong and then there's the Legacy of Dreams Legendary Gem that allows for more diverse builds where you can more or less choose what skills you want to run and still be powerful.

If you dropped out 2-3 months after release, it was still in the Auction House period of the game and I agree it was truly terrible back then.  A lot has changed since then.

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