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BraLoD said:

Playes 15 hours of it (1 being in queue tho) between saturday afternoon and sunday night.
Reached the max level and enjoyed a lot of what the game seems to have to offer.
Still miss being able to distribute my level up points to where I want like before, but aside from that there is hardly anything to complain (maybe that skill tree system).
Diablo 3 was one of my most played games ever, even being the least favorite, so yeah, 4 looks like will be pretty worthy it too.
Was not really planning to get it on release, still want to wait a bit for a good discount, but who knows, I'm not sure anymore xD

What are you doing playing a game not titled Legend of Dragoon. don't you be going soft on us now .

Research shows Video games  help make you smarter, so why am I an idiot