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chakkra said:
Machiavellian said:

I actually disagree.  There comes to a point where the amount of money you spend does not give you the same return, especially trying to money hat games in the Japanese market when your own hardware barely sales.  The amount of money you would need to spend which is no guarantee that you would even make a dent in the market is probably pretty stiff.

I've been to Japan, the amount of games that come out for Nintendo and Sony system compared to MS is on a whole different level.  What can MS really offer to combat that type of output especially when both Nintendo and Sony has all the contacts and agreements.  This belief that you can throw a bunch of money at the problem would mean shorting efforts in other areas.  Instead I always believe MS best bet is to put that money in more developing markets as the barrier for entry is much cheaper with a better investment on your money.

Really? So you actually think that if MS had managed to get Monster Hunter, FFXVI, Persona 6, SF6, RE IV Remake, next Yakuza, etc, as exclusives (and in Gamepass) it wouldn't make a difference?

And again, we have already established that this move wouldn't be to attract japanese gamers, it would be to attract western gamers who like japanese games.

Actually no, I would believe that it would not make a difference.  I believe just like Tomb Raider, PS gamers would just wait.  In order for MS to secure permanent exclusive they would probably have to spend more money than a small nation.  

The thing is people keep making these assumptions that MS isn't actually not doing exactly that.  Phil regularly goes to Japan and from the content they have gotten on GP shows that they are actively working over there.  If you ever worked with Japanese business men you would understand it takes more than the magic money wand to get things moving.  Relationships have to be built for years and its not a fast process.

Last but not least, why would any western gamer who likes Japanese  games choose the Xbox over the systems that will always get the best from their own country.  How much money would it take to get those games and what percentage of Nintendo/ Sony gamers would say, "WoW, MS now has some exclusive Japanese games, I should get it over Sony/Nintendo".  What would be the better investment, being a powerhouse for western games where your dollar can reach more studios or spend 10 times as much trying to cater to a few Japan IP and make no dent in the market.

I would love to know what would be the cost for MS to get FF or any of Square big RPGs for 1 year exclusivity.  Compared to how many games they could get day one on GP instead.  For all we know it could be the whole budget for the games division at MS.  I would expect it to be pretty steep if Tomb Raider at its time cost 100 million for a year exclusive.

THe magic money wand can only go so far and MS as a business isn't going to just throw all their money into the Xbox division when they have other parts that need just as much.  THey also isn't going to risk cash that only may get a few Sony/Nintendo gamers but they would need to continue to pony up huge sums every year just to scrap a few market percentage and probably each year the price goes up.  Naw its a losing effort the way I see it when there are so many other areas and new studios rising up you could invest in.  If those become hits, you have a greater chance locking them to your system.