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DroidKnight said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Buying out other companies however is predatory. 

Microsoft isn't the only entity purchasing companies.  Right now it seems like if you don't try to grab everything you can, you are going to be left out in the cold.  And yes Microsoft has a lot of money to get a huge part of the available pie, but that is not a fault.  Sony and whomever else should grab up whatever is left and all that they can afford.  This isn't going to go on forever and when the dust clears there will be winners and losers.

Grab what you can now.

If we look at the industry, we see a lot of veterans coming out and creating their own companies.  This to me implies that the market is healty and not focused on any single publisher or studio.  Old heads leave providing new heads a chance to shine and get their props.  Everyone is looking at the big money as gaming has taken to even bigger heights with mobile gaming actually outpacing consoles.  There are billion of devices out there that can play games so its like the gold rush.  All these companies are looking to carve out their stake.  I expect to see Apple come out with something, Google will try again, they always do.  Tencent is still grabbing everything that moves and breath.  Amazon and Netflix trying to carve out their space and the old dogs, MS, Nintendo and Sony all will be making their moves as well.  This is probably the best time to be a seasoned Dev, because so much money is out there.  There are a crap ton of games coming from all corners of the world and every players is looking to strengthen their portfolio.