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Machiavellian said:
IcaroRibeiro said:

Xbox is allowed to have their own exclusives as much as they want, please just stop buying independent publishers for that. 

Remember many of the popularity of spider man came from Sony studios investing in the IP, the movies to be exact. It was a very desperate attempt from Marvel, because they were running out of cash and needed some way to farm money. They sold X-men to Fox and Spider-Man to Sony. 

You can read the story here:

I don't think Sony having the exclusivity over Spider-Man games is that unfair tbh 

Really doesn't matter about this investing part.  All the OEMs invest in the games they set for their own system.  They all play the exclusive game.  They all play the moneyhat game, they all purchase and acquire studios big or small.  This is the game being played and its not for the weak or you find yourself a Sega, Atari, Intellivision the list goes on.  Basically all you saying is play like I want you to play but if every company played that way, they would be out of business.  Sony doesn't care that Xbox only gamers will never see Spiderman or any of their only property, their stance would be get a PS5.  MS and Nintendo have the same stance.  You want to play our games, you get our system.  

The thing is nothing is unfair.  When opportunity comes, you either take it or sit their thinking what could have been.  If Bethedsa and ABK is up for sale exactly what you expect MS to do.  Say oh, Sony does not have enough money to make a bid, we should just step away.  No business is going to step away from an investment that lands at their door when they have the money to make a move.  That in itself would be dumb.  There usually no second chances which going by your on telling on the Spiderman IP.  It was stated MS had a chance first to do the game but refused.  They had a chance to get Genshin Impact on Xbox and refused.  As we have seen, refusing opportunity can cost.

Money hating is okay, doesn't bother be. The developers and publishers still an independent company and can choose whatever they want. They will be the ones making the profits too, so they kinda balance the power in the market 

Buying out other companies however is predatory. I wish regulators were more rigorous when blocking this kind of acquisitions. Microsoft has enough studios already, Zenimax acquisition already granted them many big titles. They shouldn't be able to buy another big publisher.