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mjk45 said:
shikamaru317 said:

I enjoyed it overall. Had some issues with it, namely the character creation felt too limited, class balance is a bit of a mess, dungeons and cellars ate a bit too repetitive, and there were some rubber rubberbanding and jerky companion animation bugs. But the story was great, gameplay was fun, lots of build depth, good graphics and audio. 

Overall I'd give the game in it's beta state an 8/10. If they can fix some of the issues ahead of the launch in June, it will likely go up to 9/10 for me.

Totally agree about the limited character creation lets hope that it's improved by launch also agree about the dungeons it was almost like instead of creating new dungeons they said lets take bits and pieces of diablo 3 and put them into diablo IV .

I was so let down when I saw the female druid options in particular, the fact that you have to play as a tall and rather fat woman kind of sucks. The game badly needs some body type customization options. I understand they want classes to be more recognizable for PvP reasons, so having set heights and body types for each class helps with that, but i think they should stick with just clothing for class identification and give us some body type options. More face options and hair styles would be nice too.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 28 March 2023