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Ryuu96 said:
shikamaru317 said:

Another new AAA studio for your list Ryuu.

Knew about this one but it didn't have a name...

shikamaru317 said:

I believe I saw him state last week that he was making a list of all of the new AAA studio that have opened over the last 4 or 5 years and have yet to ship their first AAA game. 

I had posted a list months ago of all the recent independent studios and have been just keeping that updated, they aren't all AAA (although, a lot of them are) and it's not restricted to a time-period.

I made the list low-key because I was sick of hearing about consolidation, Lol. But also because quite a lot of these studios are interesting on paper and might be worth following, I also got sick of the panic whenever someone leaves a studio

Over the past few years it has never been a better time to create your own studio, veterans all over are popping up with new studios and receiving huge investor funding fairly easily, the cash is flowing.

Yeah, it's a definitely a bit silly, all of these people moaning about the gaming industry becoming more consolidated with Xbox and Sony acquiring more studios and publishers. We are over a dozen new AAA studios that have opened over the last several years, some of them publisher owned, some of them independent. This is just some of the new AAA studios that have opened over the last 5 or 6 years and have yet to ship their first game that I found on a Bing search just now:

  • Lighthouse Games
  • Jar of Sparks
  • Lightspeed LA
  • Maverick Games
  • That's No Moon
  • Smilegate Barcelona
  • SkyDance New Media (making AAA Marvel Captain America and Black Panther WW2 game)
  • 31st Union
  • Cloud Chamber (making Bioshock 4)
  • Ridgeline Games
  • Unnamed EA AAA studio headed by the former head of Monolith (the Shadow of Mordor one, not the Nintendo one)
  • Build a Rocket Boy
  • IO Interactive Barcelona (making Project Fantasy)
  • Fool's Theory (developing Witcher 1 remake for CD Projekt while they concentrate on Witcher 4 and the Cyberpunk DLC)
  • Humanoid Studios
  • Fuse Games
  • Skeleton Key
  • Atomic Arcade (making a AAA GI Joe game)
  • Haven Studios

And this list is definitely not complete, I'm missing some new AAA studios here. We don't need to worry about publishers acquiring AAA studios and publishers and the industry consolidating because the games industry is in a huge period of growth right now, more new PC/console game studios, including AAA studios, have opened over the last 5 years or so than at any point in gaming history.

Last edited by shikamaru317 - on 27 March 2023