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The problem with capitalism right now is that it’s breaking. This is because of failure of democracy and good governance to properly handle it. Critics are generally correct about the larger flaws of capitalism in regards to concentration, and a feedback loop that serves to increase that concentration and control and widen the wealth disparity despite our massive improvements in production efficiency.

But, unfortunately, people and governments are far too susceptible to the lobbying and the PR of wealthy people and corporations.

Using this forum as an example, many posters here have even fallen for Microsoft’s PR. When you have people actually cheering on Microsoft buying up the largest third parties in the industry, then you see a little piece of how capitalism is breaking further and further. And these corporations are able to yank people along by the nose with even relatively braindead PR. The dedicated video game industry is becoming more of an oligopoly than it already is. Worse, because Microsoft is a big tech conglomerate; if the whole dedicated video game industry were to face hard times, Microsoft could pull out entirely without giving much of a damn, because they have Windows.

Last edited by Jumpin - on 24 March 2023

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