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archbrix said:

. And if you're a developer with a next-gen vision for a game that can’t be realized properly on the current consoles, then maybe just save it for the PC or the PS6 instead? That’s what next-gen is for.

 But they do this. Those mid gen refresh never have exclusive games. All games that runs on PS4 Pro also run on base PS4. The Pro versions are for people who wants better performance and fidelity. With PCs evolving fast devs have opportunity to increase the specs of its games, the Pro versions are an opportunity for console gamers who want to play those better version that otherwise would either be exclusive to PCs or have to wait another 3 years to play it on next gen 

I don't know why you guys feel so sad and alienated because other people are having joy playing the games in a better version. It's a very kid-like behaviour, when you love a toy to death but suddenly became irritated because another kid got a new model of your toy.