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pikashoe said:
Runa216 said:

I think you're confused here for multiple reasons. IT's a thread about mid-console upgrades, I made a comment about that topic, you responded, I responded back. that's how this works, dude. Plus, if you 'gave your opinion' and I gave one as well...then what's the problem? 

Do you not understand how forum threads work? Like, we're supposed to be having a back-and-forth discussion on the topic at hand. This isn't a blog post, you're not supposed to just drop words and not expect people to respond or engage. 

You seem to be confused not only about how forum threads work but also about the level of malice implied by my responses. 

Leynos said:

Why is the cartoon raccoon arguing with the cartoon chicken? I find it kinda hilarious when people with silly avatars argue online.

I'm genuinely not arguing with them. I have no idea what imagined conflict they're conjuring here. 

They asked a question, I answered it...and they seem to think that equates to me shoving my opinions down their throat? I'm legit confused about this whole interaction. 

Droidknight has already said everything better than I could. I suggest you take a look at yourself and how you interact with others.

I'm fine, you're just seeking drama and Droidknight has had it out for me for a while due to some silly console war nonsense from years ago. IT's easy for you to just manufacture drama to assume there's some ill intent when I was very clearly engaging in discussion about the topic at hand. 

And I've still not gotten any sort of clarification about whether that 'warning' was a joke or not, since that'd be the silliest warning ever. 

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