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DroidKnight said:
Runa216 said:

Both the PS3 slim and the PS4 pro came out 3 years after the console's initial release. 

This 'waaah, early adopters are getting screwed' take is so weird to me. You know what you're getting into getting any game or console at launch. Technology improves. Prices tend to go down. Deals and discounts happen after release. Been like that basically as long as there's been media or technology of ANY kind. If you don't...maybe you shouldn't be investing in hardware or software because you're clearly a child with no concept of time and technological progression yet

** User Runa216 was given a warning for calling a user childish.

Threw in the word waaah to imply he was crying, but that wasn't enough and then told him he shouldn't purchase hardware or software because he is a child that can't conceive of time and progression.  Those are clearly attacks on that individual.

Runa216 said:

I honestly think the 'warning' was a joke, because that is not 'warn-worthy' or breaking any rules and I got no moderation warnings or messages of any kind. If sincere, hoo boy that might be the silliest warning I've ever gotten anywhere for anything. 

And yeah, console generations do seem to be lasting a lot longer. I'm 37 and the SNES to N64 era, despite only being 5 years, felt longer than the PS3-PS4 era (which was I think 7 years) and the PS4 to PS5 era (Which I also think was 7 years). 360 to One era was 8. And the Switch is currently in its 6th year with little to no talk of new hardware on the horizon. (To be fair I think DS was like 8 years as well). 

At EARLIESt I think the PS6 will come out 2027, with 2028 making more sense especially with a mid-generation update in 2024. 

Right here you are pretending to be ignorant of doing anything that might have been insulting to the guy you were engaging with.

Runa216 said:

It had a bigger hard drive, was cheaper, etc. IT's a basic idea that technology advances. Same with the DS. Same with phones. You know what you're buying when you buy it, understanding that there will be upgrades and alterations and improvements on later models. that's just how technology and time works. 

Nobody buys a car and complains to the manufacturer that they got screwed when next year's model comes out. That'd be stupid

This attack is a little more sneaky.  "It's a basic idea", "understanding", "Nobody", this is implying that everybody knows what is going on except the person that you are supposedly having a conversation with.  Then without directly calling him stupid, still did.

Runa216 said:

Are you okay dude? You participated in a conversation and asked questions and seem to be aggressively offended that I...responded to you with answers? 

I repeat, what are you on about? what has you so upset

In this response, even though he did point out your lack of reading comprehension, you imply that there may be something wrong with him.  That he may not be okay, that he may be offended aggressively offended.  And then you feign ignorance again and ask what could possibly have him so upset?

Runa216 said:

I think you're confused here for multiple reasons. IT's a thread about mid-console upgrades, I made a comment about that topic, you responded, I responded back. that's how this works, dude. Plus, if you 'gave your opinion' and I gave one as well...then what's the problem? 

Do you not understand how forum threads work? Like, we're supposed to be having a back-and-forth discussion on the topic at hand. This isn't a blog post, you're not supposed to just drop words and not expect people to respond or engage

You seem to be confused not only about how forum threads work but also about the level of malice implied by my responses. 

In here is a whole barrage of the same form of snide attacks that you utilized earlier.

Leynos said:

Why is the cartoon raccoon arguing with the cartoon chicken? I find it kinda hilarious when people with silly avatars argue online.

I'm genuinely not arguing with them. I have no idea what imagined conflict they're conjuring here. 

They asked a question, I answered it...and they seem to think that equates to me shoving my opinions down their throat? I'm legit confused about this whole interaction. 

And now once again trying to play innocent and ignorant of what could possibly be the problem. 


Everybody here knows you're intelligent enough to know exactly what you are doing.

Am I being punked here? IS this some sort of weird 'confuse me until I have a freak-out moment' prank? 

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